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Portable organizational systems typically feature some type of box with a lid, they might even have removable cups that make using one item at a time easier for the user. But what if there was a better way to get organized? What if the cups themselves had lids, and instead of a large storage case, these cups attached to a framework to join with other cups? That is the idea behind the Twist Tubes, a new project up on Kickstarter.

As the name suggests, these organizers are tubes that twist to open and close. There are two different sizes for big or small organizational needs, and they can be paired up with external holders to organize your organizers. There is a holder to mount the twist tubes to walls, cabinets, or peg board, there is a rotary organizer that turns your tubes into a ferris-wheel of organization, and there is even lanyard system that allows you to carry a few to take on the go.

Unlike many Kickstarter projects, the Twist Tube is not just a dream from a creator that might not ever happen. For 4 years creator Jeffrey Bean has been working on the Twist Tube organizers and he is turning to Kickstarter to get his product through the home stretch. Kickstarter

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Makita XPH07M Brushless Drill 94 1408431326 - Mason

Makita has just announced their newest brushless hammer drill, and it looks like they are not messing around this time. They say the XPH07M 18-Volt Hammer Drill is able to deliver a full 1,090 in.lbs of torque, and leads the category in torque, speed, and run-time.

To be honest, I was getting worried that Makita was not going to be able to keep up with their competitors in the Brushless drill category, but this announcement has shown that they can not only keep up, but that they can take the lead.

“Simply put, this is a groundbreaking tool that goes straight to the top of the 18-volt driver-drill category,” said Mario Lopez, Product Manager, Cordless Products, Makita USA.

The XPH07M Kit will also use Makita’s new 4.0 Ah batteries, which will provide a greater run-time over 3.0Ah batteries, yet still has a decent charge time of only about 40-minutes. Makita’s Star Protection is incorporated into the hammer drill, which optimizes the battery output and protects against overloading, over-discharging, and overheating. Extreme Protection Technology (XPT) seals the inside of the tool and provides water and dust resistance by channeling them away from key internal components. Other features include an all metal variable 2-speed transmission (0-550 & 0-2,100 RPM), a ½-inch keyless chuck, dual LED lights, and an on-board LED battery gauge.

The retail price should be around $300 and it available now for Pre-Order from Amazon. The kit includes (2) 18V LXT Lithium-Ion batteries, rapid charger, tool case. The bare tool is available for about $150. Pre-Order – Amazon

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Milwaukee NPS14 001 77 1408124213 - Mason

Having just returned from Milwaukee’s 2014 new product symposium, I wanted to highlight some of the really innovative new tools now revealed; but, before I delve into some of what I saw, I would be amiss if I didn’t first mention what a superb job the folks at Milwaukee did in setting up the event itself.

The venue was a spectacular historic building, and though just a warehouse of some kind, besides the charm of its rustic bricks, it still possessed the architectural features of an era long gone and almost forgotten. Girthy wooden pillars, beams accented with molding, ironwork fastening it all together—It was the perfect setting to showcase some of the world’s best tools.

Of course a building by itself wouldn’t make for much of a show, so the great folks at Milwaukee transformed it into a construction site in progress. There were open wood stud walls, and metal stud walls; there was roughed-in electrical conduit, and roughed-in water pipes and drain pipes. All set up in just two days, there was just about everything you’d expect to see on a construction project that would require tools to complete. And what would a construction project be without Milwaukee tools?

Milwaukee NPS14 002 58 1408124214 - Mason

M18 FUEL 7 ¼” Circular Saw (2731-22)—Weighing in at only 9 lbs, this saw does everything you’d expect from a corded tool—only without the cord. In fact, the prevalent theme this year was, “Cut the cord,” and with a power source like FUEL, doing the job without a cord is a reality.

M12 FUEL Hackzall (2520-21XC)—This reciprocating saw is a light weight easy to handle tool. This tool was designed for one hand operation, and performs so well at that task that I filmed the saw in action with one hand while my other hand operated the saw to cut a piece of pipe.

M18 LED Stick Light (2352-20)—This little light can shine! Compared with other lights, both corded and non-corded, the Stick Light out lights the others and does so with an easy-on-the-eye light that allows the natural color of your work area to shine true. So, if an electrician is looking for a red wire in a panel with a rainbow of color, he can be confident of picking out the red. (Unless, of course, he is color blind.)

Milwaukee NPS14 024 74 1408124230 - Mason

Jobsite Backpack (48-22-8200)—This pack is specifically designed for the tradesman—most notably, the electrician and technician needing to carry a gamut of well organized tools and supplies. The backpack stands up on its own with its hard molded water-tight base, making it easy to open up and locate a specific tool. Made of 1680 Denier ballistic nylon, this fabric is five times stronger than the typical 600 D polyester.

13″ Jobsite Work Box (48-22-8010)—Get off your bucket-seat and sit on a tool box designed specifically as both a handy tool carrier and a convenient work seat. And unlike a bucket, this box comes with a vertical tool organizer, an interior divider, and a floating tray.

M18 FUEL 1-1/8 SDS Plus Rotary Hammer (2715-22)—A concrete drill that drills faster than its corded counterpart; and with only a re-charge at lunch, you can go the whole day without tripping over a cord.

M18 Sawzall (2621-22)—Perhaps the most iconic Milwaukee tool, the corded Sawzall in its red metal case has been a staple in countless Gang-boxes for over 50 years. This cordless Reciprocating is deemed to cut 35% faster and last 40% longer per charge than competitive brands. My own hands demonstrated that this recip is faster than corded counterparts.

Milwaukee NPS14 020 24 1408124227 - Mason

Hole Dozer—This hole saw line features a step slot for ejecting the hole plug. Slip a common screw driver into the slot and even thick plugs can be ejected by advancing to the next step.

Rapid Charge Station—Charge up to six batteries in 74 minutes. This unit charges both M12 and M18 batteries, and has index marks to easily mount it on a wall.

Hand Tools—Similarly conceived like the 300-plus tools that will fit in your tool bags, the Torque Lock locking pliers were inspired by how individual tools are modified and customized by their users. For instance, when a worker replaces a thumb-turn tightener on his pliers with a common eye-bolt to leverage the tool’s grip, it just stands to reason that the tool should be designed that way from the start.

It should go without mentioning that this is just a small portion of all the new innovative tools I saw at this year’s event. And we hope to review many of them in greater detail soon—so stay tuned.

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ct wings 92 1407948686 - Mason

Festool has a new tool accessory that at first sight looks like a gimmick, but it turns out it might be more useful than you think. The new Festool CT Wings is an add-on that turns your dust extractor into an expensive, but useful, third arm.

Attaching to the end of your dust extractor hose, the CT Wings use the powerful suction of your dust extractor to clamp themselves to walls, ceilings or other flat surfaces. Once suction-clamped in place, you can rotate the “wings” to help you hold materials in place. They could be useful when doing crown by yourself, but so are these crown hooks, which cost only a few bucks.

The CT Wings are not available just yet, but they are expected to be released in Europe next month for under $50.

What are your thoughts? I like how it can be moved around quickly, but the constant noise would annoy me.

Source: ThisIsCarpentry

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Ideal Tri bore 48 1407782880 - Mason

Sometimes when you want to drill a hole there is more than just wood you have to deal with. Ideal’s new Tri-Bore Hole Saw features Tungsten Carbide which allows it to cut through cement board, plastic board, plaster, composite materials, and even nail-encrusted wood.

The Tri-Bore works just like a regular hole saw except it has three large carbide teeth in lieu of the many small teeth found on a traditional hole saw. The diamond-sharpened teeth are said to provide an ultra-aggressive yet cleaner cutting action with minimized vibration. Each hole saw is precision balanced to further improve performance and drilling comfort.

If these sound too good to be true it is because they do have a higher initial cost, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth it. My suggestion would be to replace the size you seem to go through the fastest, and see if it meets your needs.

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Craftsman Wrench Trade In 96 1407478752 - Mason

How would you like to get a free Craftsman 9/16-inch wrench and help out Military Families at the same time? You see, Craftsman wants to donate up to $25,000 to Rebuilding Together to allow them to make critical repairs to military families’ homes, but they need your help. Your reward is a shiny new Craftsman 9/16” wrench.

To take part, all Craftsman Club members have to do is bring in any competitor wrench to their local Sears store (excludes specialty stores) and they will receive a brand new Craftsman 9/16” Combination Wrench on the spot. All of the metal from the wrench trade-ins will be scrapped with the proceeds donated to Rebuilding Together.

If you are not already a Craftsman Club member, it is completely free, and you will have an opportunity to sign up during checkout or by visiting http://club.craftsman.com. Once signed up you will receive additional promotional news, product information and tips.

See the flyer for more details.

From Rebuilding Together:

Millions of U.S. veterans are in desperate need of repairs and adaptations to their homes.

Rebuilding Together’s Veterans Housing was created to meet the growing needs of veterans from past and present wars. Rebuilding Together fills the gaps in modifications and repair services that retired and active service men and women struggle to meet. In partnership with corporate sponsors like Sears, Rebuilding Together’s Veterans Housing strives to provide safe and accessible housing for all low-income veterans.

The need is great. For veterans returning from service in the Global War on Terror with severe injuries such as amputation or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), readjustment and reintegration into their families and communities can be difficult.

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DCHJ064B NB1  75 1407346553 - Mason

DeWalt is adding to their 20V Max/12V Max heated gear line with the addition of 7 new heated jacket styles. The expansion includes a new khaki heated jacket (with hood) color option, a 3-in-1 high-visibility heated jacket w/ hood, a heated vest with attachable sleeves, three new heated hoodies, and a woman’s heated jacket with a removable hood.

All of the heated jackets are wind resistant and all but two of the hoodies feature a water-resistant outer shell. The one heated hoodie that is water-resistant is the new high-visibility model. Most of the jackets feature 3 heating zones, with two in the front and one in the back, but the new heated vest and woman’s jacket feature an extra 4th heated zone at the collar.

In addition to the new models, DeWalt has also improved their existing heated jackets with stronger metal zippers, reinforced stitching on the cuffs, a built-in wind guard, and changed from Velcro to metal snaps to attach the hood on models with the removable hood option.

All of the kits will come with a 20V Max battery and charger, but the included USB power source can also be used with their 12V Max batteries. Bare heated jackets will include only the USB power source. The Jackets should be available later this month. .

Khaki Hooded Heated Jacket (DCHJ064): water- & wind-resistant cotton twill outer shell, 3 core heating zones, 4 total pockets, built-in hood with adjustable drawstrings.

Black Heated Vest with Jacket Option (DCHJ065): water- & wind-resistant cotton twill outer shell, 4 core heating zones, 4 total pockets, removable sleeves for vest option.

Class 3 High-Visibility 3-in-1 Heated Jacket with Hood (DCHJ070): durable water- & wind-resistant outer shell, 3 core heating zone, 6 total pockets, built-in hood with adjustable drawstrings.

Women’s Heated Jacket (DCHJ066C1): water- & wind-resistant outer shell, 4 core heating zones, 4 total pockets, removable, adjustable hood

Heated Hoodies (Black DCHJ067B) (Grey DCHJ068B): durable wind-resistant polyester outer shell, 3 core heating zones, 2 total pockets, built-in hood and collar with adjustable drawstrings.

High-Visibility Heated Hoodie (DCHJ071B): durable water- & wind-resistant outer shell, 3 core heating zones, 3 total pockets, built-in hood with adjustable drawstrings.

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Rockwell P50 14 1407174333 - Mason

Rockwell has just announced a pair of new Sonicrafter oscillating multi-tools with specifications that seem to top all the other competing brands. With all of the multi-tools on the market from a number of different manufacturers, could it be Rockwell that knocks Fein off of Oscillation Hill?

When I write about oscillating tools I make it a point to mention the total oscillating angle that each particular model provides, because I believe this plays a part in how well the tool functions. The other thing that plays a part is the amount of power each tool can deliver. Most oscillating tools have an oscillating angle of 3.2 or 2.8-degrees, but Fein’s newer models have an angle of 3.4-degrees. Rockwell has always been close with 3.2-degrees, but their new model F50 (RK5141K) completely blows everyone away with an oscillation angle of 5-degrees. Even their new lesser model F30 (RK5131K) has everyone else beat with an angle of 4-degrees.

Rockwell also seems to be delivering the power these tools need as well. The Rockwell F50 features a 4.0 amp motor, while the F30 has a 3.5 amp motor. They say this provides a max cutting load of 35 lbs. and 30 lbs. respectively for each tool, anther industry-best. This means you can push them harder before they stall-out.

Larger oscillating angle + More power = More vibration? Apparently not, thanks to a counterweight system that offsets the larger oscillation angle. Rockwell says all these features add up to produce a multi-tool that cuts five times faster than the Sonicrafter RK5121K.

If all that still wasn’t enough, both models also feature a built-in LED task-light, the Hyperlock tool-less blade change system, a universal accessory interface, variable speed dial (11,000-20,000 OPM), a 10-foot cord, and bunch of accessories.

The Sonicrafter F50 (RK5141K) sells for $139 BUY – Lowe’s, and the Sonicrafter F30 (RK5131K) for $119 BUY– Lowe’s, which kind of sounds too good to be true, but we will just have to wait and see.

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Milwaukee StickLight giveaway 18 1406876776 - Mason

If you have read my Milwaukee M12 LED Stick Light Review you would know that I am a huge fan of the cordless LED light. So when I had an opening for a giveaway I knew I had to try and team up with Milwaukee to give one of them away. Milwaukee Tool happily agreed to my request and also decided to throw in a battery and a charger.


  • 3 Powerful LEDs
  • Multi-Position Stainless-Steel Hook
  • 4+ Hours of Run-Time
  • 220 Lumens of Bright, Even light.
  • Impact Resistant

The giveaway is for (1) Milwaukee M12 LED Stick Light, including a battery and charger.

So how do you enter? See the widget below and follow the steps. You have a total of 9 different ways you can enter this giveaway. You can enter using only one method or you can use all 9 and have more chances to win.

This giveaway is open to residents of the 48 Contiguous United States (including the District of Columbia) who are 18 years of age or older. Complete giveaway rules can be found here.

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51ENqdr626L SL1500  21 1406797878 - Mason

It looks like a new 8V Max Dremel is on its way onto store shelves. The 8050 Dremel Rotary Tool appears to be smaller than even the current 8V Max Dremel Rotary Tools, but still packs all the features we have come to expect and maybe even has some new ones.

Dremel says the smaller size of the 8050 Micro allows it to be held between your thumb and forefinger like a pencil, which gives the user more control and accuracy. The smaller internal 8V lithium-ion battery—with less weight at the back of the tool—should also aid in precision. Yes, unlike previous models, the Dremel 8050 has an internal battery, which is probably why they were able to make it smaller.

Like any cordless tool, I would be worried about how well it would do on large projects, however, the included Docking Station should help by charging the 8050 Micro every time you set it down. As small as it is, Dremel was still able to make it variable speed, include a fuel gauge and add on front LED task lights. Pre-Order – Amazon

Thanks to the user that sent us this news tip.

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