DeWalt Announces New Higher Capacity 12V MAX & 20V MAX Batteries And A New Dual Port Multi-Volt Charger With USB Ports

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DeWalt is introducing their next generation of batteries to work with their 12V and 20V MAX tool lines. The new EXTREME RUNTIME (XR) batteries offer a 2.0Ah capacity (DCB127) for 12V MAX and 5.0Ah capacity (DCB205) for their 20V MAX tools. Along with the new batteries is a new dual-port charger that can charge both batteries as well as a couple of USB devices.

Everyone wants to get more runtime out of their tools, and with new tools already being as optimized as possible, higher capacity batteries are the next logical step. The new batteries remain compatible with previous DeWalt 12V and 20V Max tools of the same voltage, but they should provide additional runtime with almost no change in weight or size. 12V Max Packs see an increase of 33% going from 1.5Ah to 2.0Ah, and 20V Max pack increase 25% from 4.0Ah to 5.0Ah.

The new XR batteries features the same cold-weather protection as their previous batteries, and the 5.0Ah model even features a built-in fuel gauge. The batteries should be in stores soon, and a select number of DeWalt cordless tool kits will come with the new batteries. 12V Max 2.0Ah has a suggested MSRP of $49.99 for a single and $7999 for a 2-pack. The 10V Max 5.0Ah battery has an MSRP of $139

Just as exciting as the batteries is the new DeWalt Dual-Port, Dual-USB, Multi-Volt, Jobsite Charging Station. Not only can it charge two batteries at once, but you can mix and match between charging both 12V Max and 20V Max batteries. Add on top of that the ability to charge two USB devices, you finally have a single charger that can handle it all. MSRP $119.00

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