BoatBuckle G2 Retractable Transom Tie-Down (2 x 43-Inch, Black)


$73.99 $66.30 (as of September 28, 2014, 2:12 pm)

2,500 lb breaking strength each
833 lbs safe working load each
Permanent one-bolt installation


Product Description

The BoatBuckle G2 Retractable Transom Tie-Down is the ultimate tie-down system in convenience, style and innovation in trailer boat rigging. This tie-down system is sort of a seat belt for your boat. Every tie-down has a break strength of 2,500 pounds with 833 pounds of secure working load and can adapt to most mounting angles. Self-storing straps are made from 2-inch seatbelt-quality polyester web and extend up to 43 inches. They automatically retract to hold the boat snug to the trailer. It features a simple built-in ratchet with SUR-Grip rubber-grip maintain with release lever that can be utilized with just one hand. Vinyl coating on the hooks protects your boat’s finish. One-bolt installation makes the BoatBuckle a part of your trailer so it won’t get lost like conventional tie-downs. BoatBuckle brand tie-down systems offer professional fishermen and weekend boaters convenient, top quality tie-down systems so they are able to spend more time on the water and not more time on the boat ramp. IMMI is the leading marine tie-down manufacturer in North The usa.
2,500 lb breaking strength Every
833 lbs secure working load Every
Permanent one-bolt installation
Self-ratcheting web
Two-inch seat belt quality polyester web
Includes 2 tie downs

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