Red 10 LED 6″ Oval Trailer Truck Stop Turn Brake Tail Lights / Grommets




Product Description

(2) BRIGHT 10 LED Oval Tail Lights with Rubber Grommets and Wire Plugs The outside dimensions of the grommet are approx. 7 3/8″L by 3 1/4″W wide and requires a cutout hole of approx. 6 3/4″ by 2 1/2″. Unit is supplied with 3 wire plugs for ground, brake/turn and tail light. Can be mounted in the horizontal or vertical position. These lights are tail lights and then get brighter for the turn signal and brake functions. DOT approved.  These Lights are impact resistant and less susceptible to shock damage. Each LED Light is water-tight sealed. These LEDs draw less current, generate less heat and are brighter and light faster than an incandescent bulb. 12 Volt input.