Omens of Fury (The Days of Ash and Fury) (Volume 1)




Product Description

The clever and roguish orphan Lucan Thorne comes of age Within the capital of the corrupt kingdom of Mor, hustling a meager living Within the city taverns. A cycle’s ride north, elven princess Aria Evanti enjoys a lifetime of comfort and security Within the idyllic forested kingdom of Thornwood. To the east, nestled throughout the throat of the Maw, lies the majestic subterranean kingdom of Belgorne, home of the dwarven people. Its dutiful Firstson, Prince J’arn Silverstone, strives to earn the reverence and loyalty of his kin as he prepares to at some point take his rightful place upon The Sovereign. Within the deep tunnels of G’naath, north of Belgorne, a extraordinarily brilliant (and terminally inquisitive) young gnomish girl named Shyla Greykin lives an ostracized existence as she finds herself poorly suited for the toilsome, mundane life of her people. These four young citizens of Tahr find their lives uprooted as omens of impending horrors emerge right through their enchanted world. The mighty volcano Fang awakens. Smoke from unexplained and spontaneous fires foretell an unknown doom. As the very world begins to shudder and quake, the dark and powerful wizard Sartean D’Avers plots to enslave the folks of Mor, depose its fool king, ascend the throne and safe unfettered keep watch over over the lands of Greater Tahr. An epic quest takes shape as the paranormal world of Tahr weathers chaos and cataclysm on this captivating, character-driven first volume of “The Days of Ash and Fury.”

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