Council Tool 3.5 Lbs. Double Bit Classic Michigan Axe With 36″ Straight Hickory Handle




Product Description

Council Tool 3.5 lbs. Michigan pattern double bit axe comes with phantom bevels and a 36″ straight take care of. Phantom bevels — or hollows — are designed to scale back sticking and minimize burst wood chips. Michigan pattern originated from the state of the similar name. Double bit axes were infrequently sharpened in different ways. One end used to be thinner and sharper and used for knot-free cutting; the other end used to be thicker and blunter and used to be used when knots were present or to cut near the ground where contact with dirt used to be likely.The forged tool steel head is hand sharpened double bits for cutting and splitting.It meets ANSI Standards call for bit hardness of Rc 45-60, no less than 1/2 inch back from the cutting edge. Council Tool internal standards call for tempered bit hardness of Rc 48-55 and we target 1-1/4 inches from the cutting edge.The natural steel finish on head and cutting edges coated in clear lacquer to deter rust. The 36″ double-bit American hickory take care of’s eye section is dried to below 10% moisture content to minimize shrinkage and assist prevent loosening. The Axe head is hydraulically seated onto take care of and secured with a serrated aluminum wedge. The serrated shape improves bite and the aluminum collection of material is strong, lightweight and does not change size with moisture content. The interior detail of the eye is tapered and allows for a strong mechanical bond. Approximately 1/2″ of overall length of take care of is got rid of all the way through assembly.

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