Leveraxe Splitting Axe, Vipukirves 36-inch




Product Description

Vipukirves Leveraxe Splitting Axe 36″ With leveraxe you’ll hit near the edge of the log. With the traditional axe you are almost at all times required to strike near the middle of the log. Hitting closer to the edge would be dangerous because it is too easy to miss the log or the axe will bounce wildly from a non-centred strike. In both situations the results may also be dangerous. Unfortunately, as we all know, splitting a whole log when hit in the centre is the most challenging task. If you have been able to split it in two, the rest will go a lot more easily. With Leveraxe you will not want to take the whole log head on by striking in the middle. Instead, you’ll easily and safely start splitting suitably sized logs from the sides by striking closer to edges. No more needing the futile first heavy strikes just to get the log split in two. Features: The Leveraxe is a wood splitting axe used to split firewood of nearly any type of wood and diameter. Leveraxe’s innovated design produces a levering action as it sinks into the wood. Less force is required to split the wood compared to traditional axes. The hook on the back of the axe is a brake. This feature stops the axe on top of the wood, not allowing it to go into the ground or the user’s leg. Leveraxe’s top of the range steel head weighs 4.18 lbs. This light weight axe allows men and women of all abilities to split firewood with ease. Details: Total weight: 5.5 lbs Axe head weight: 4.18 lbs Length: 35.5 inches Axe Sheath: Top Grain Leather Take care of: Wood, Birch Shipped In: Cardboard Box Made In: Finland, Europe Comes With: Axe and Instructions

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