Wetterlings Appalachian Forest Axe Hand-Forged Swedish Axe with American Hickory Handle, Wood


$179.00 $152.00 (as of November 25, 2014, 1:38 pm)

Made in Sweden
57 RwC carbon steel


Product Description

The Appalachian Forest Axe is a huge felling axe. The 3 lb. head with 32 in. head provide maximum cutting effectiveness in a heavy axe.

Wetterlings Swedish Axe Works

The Wetterlings company has been incessantly making traditional axes in Storvik, Sweden since 1885. Our philosophy: you can not actually own antique axe forges, they belong to the typical industrial history, but you’ll be able to take at the responsibility for preserving them and for transferring the data created by previous generations.

Wetterlings axes and hatchets are hand-forged from Swedish steel (edge hardness 57 RwC) with handles created from American hickory. Leather sheaths are vegetable-tanned and in the community produced in Sweden.

All Wetterlings axes and hatchets include 20-year warranty.

Made in Sweden
57 RwC carbon steel