SE 3 Pc. Power Extension Socket Bits for Drills



Power Extension Bar Sizes: 1/4-Inch Hex by 1/4-InchDr. 1/4-Inch Hex by 3/8-InchDr. 1/4-Inch Hex by 1/2-InchDr.
Chrome-Vanadium Steel


Product Description

Add versatility on your Energy drills. 3pc Energy Extension Socket Adaptor has Hex bit for all Energy drill chucks. Is available in 3 Sizes : 1/four in. , 3/8 in. & half your full vary of sockets.
Energy Extension Bar Sizes: 1/four-Inch Hex via 1/four-InchDr. 1/four-Inch Hex via 3/8-InchDr. 1/four-Inch Hex via half-InchDr.
Chrome-Vanadium Metal
Made In China

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