Flower House FHHH350 HotHouse Pop-Up Walk-In Greenhouse


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Quick and Easy Set up on Soil or Hard Surfaces in minutes
Hot House is designed to set up next to the door of your home, garage,barn or shed
Makes a Great Greenhouse ,and Mud Room


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Flower House FHDH500 DreamHouse Walk-In Greenhouse

This portable, pop up greenhouse is perfect for extending your growing season and protecting your plants. The Unique Flowerhouse Pop Up design make Greenhouse set up the easiest it has ever been. Why ship flowers, vegetables and herbs from afar when you’ll grow them right at home? Of course, getting a jumpstart on the growing season–and even extending it a bit–is at all times a plus. A full-size, walk-in greenhouse with high and low air venting, this revolutionary greenhouse pops up to give protection to starts in spring and comes down in a snap when summer conditions have taken over.

Bullet Points:
  • Quick and Easy Set up on Soil or Hard Surfaces in minutes
  • Protects your plants and extends your growing season.
  • Promotes and maintains high humidity levels to create a superior growing environment.
  • Open floor allows greenhouse to be setup over existing trees and bushes.
  • Includes an instruction manual, shade cover, high-wind tie downs, ground stakes, and a handy carry pack.
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Built to Last

Constructed from durable Gro-Tec material, doors and windows have screened vents with full zipper closures and ample screened ventilation. Screened vents protect against most insects, birds and other pests. Free shade cover and storage bag with shoulder strap as well as tent stakes and high wind tie downs are included. Gro-tec material protects plants wind, frost, and snow, even as remaining light weight and compact for easy transport and storage. The 100% waterproof Gro-Tec material is UV resistant with rip stop protection for longer life of your greenhouse. The FlowerHouse is perfect for bettering climatic conditions in all geographic locations.

Greenhouses are designed with an open bottom to set up on soil or hard surfaces and placement over existing plants, beds, and containers. Accesses for water hose or power cords are integrated into our greenhouse design. Night temperatures inside your FlowerHouse will drop to match the temperature outside without an additional heat source, we recommend ceramic heaters with a thermostat or hot rocks/stones can also be placed inside to radiate heat at night.

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Year Round Growing Season

The greenhouse environment makes it easier to keep your plants green. Now your plants can bloom earlier with a head start on the Spring and Summer months and you’ll garden year-round!

Perfect for sprouting all your summer’s garden, or for protecting potted shrubs and bushes from wind, the unit features 8 zippered 30- by 15-inch windows with screened vents for optimal airflow. Two zippered 36- by 64-1/2-inch doorways mean easy access when it’s time to get the plants secure quickly. Four portholes for hose and power cord access are great for powering up grow lights, pollination devices, and for watering. Bring it on Mother Nature, the unit is designed to resist winds up to 60 mph,. And, when it’s time to expand, the unit zips in conjunction with additional Dreamhouse Portable Greenhouses to make an enormous greenhouse.

Quick and Easy Set up on Soil or Hard Surfaces in minutes
Hot House is designed to set up next to the door of your home, garage,barn or shed
Makes a Great Greenhouse ,and Mud Room
Protects your plants and extends your growing season.
Gro-Tec rip stop fabric diffuses light promoting plant growth and is coated with UV protection for longer life

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