5/16″ x 20′ G70 Transport Binder Chain (WLL 4’700lbs) (2 Pack)



5/16″ x 20′
Clevis Grab Hooks on Both Ends
G70 System 7


Product Description

Grade 70/System 7 5/16″ x 20′ Long with Grade 70 Clevis Take hold of hook on both ends.
System 7 Grade 70 chain was once designed for cargo securement, binding, towing and construction use. Also referred to as Transport Chain, it averages a 20% higher load rating than High Test chain (S-4, Grade 43). Induction heat treated, the chain meets all requirements set forth by the DOT / CVSA / CHP for truck tie-down use. Yellow zinc finish is standard on chain.
These chains have a Working Load Limit of 4,700 lbs with a design factor of 4:1. Minimum breaking strength is 18,800 lbs.
WARNING: Don’t exceed WLL (working load limit) for any chain, tiedown or cargo keep watch over device. Not approved for overhead lifting.
New Federal and State D.O.T. rules effective January 1, 2004 require motor carriers to change the way in which they use cargo securement devices. Please check along with your States D.O.T. place of work in regard to these changes.
This lot of 2 chains weighs 50 lbs and might be shipped from our Just Harris zip code of 97002 in one box in your confirmed address.
5/16″ x 20′
Clevis Take hold of Hooks on Both Ends
G70 System 7
WLL 4’700lbs

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