AMERICAN POWER PULL CORP 13060 Forged Load Binder Puller, 3/8 to 1/2-Inch



3/8-1/2″ Forged Load Binder, 18-1/2″ handle
Working load-9200lbs; Proof test load 18;400lbs; Minimum breaking strength-28;000lbs
High quality steel and heat treated


Product Description

American Power Pull 3/8-1/2″ Cast Load Binder has 18-1/2″ handler, four-1/2″ take up, working load of 9,200lbs, Evidence check load of 18,400lbs and 28,000lbs minimum breaking strength. Manufactured from Prime quality Cast steel and warmth treated. Chain links are electrically welded for flexibility with ball and socket building.
3/8-1/2″ Cast Load Binder, 18-1/2″ care for
Working load-9200lbs; Evidence check load 18;400lbs; Minimum breaking strength-28;000lbs
Prime quality steel and warmth treated