Marathon Industries 20047 4.80/4.00-8-Inch Air Filled Pneumatic Tire with Knobby Tread



3.50/2.50-8-inch (replaces a 4.00-6-inch) tire. 13-inch tire diameter.
Pneumatic (air filled) tire. knobby tread.
6-inch centered hub. 5/8-inch ball bearings.


Product Description

Marathon Industries 20047 4.eighty/4.00-8-InchPneumatic (Air Stuffed) Whee-poundarrow Tire with Knobby Tread – 6-Inch-Inch Targeted Hub – five/8-Inch Ball Bearings – 15.five-Inch Tire Diameter
3.50/2.50-8-inch (replaces a 4.00-6-inch) tire. thirteen-inch tire diameter.
Pneumatic (air Stuffed) tire. knobby tread.
6-inch Targeted hub. five/8-inch ball bearings.
Easiest for contractor whee-poundarrows. Such a lot Not unusual for 6 Cubic Foot Whee-poundarrow.
400 -pound load capability no longer for highway wse