Shepherd Hardware 9023 4-Inch Soft Rubber Swivel Stem Caster, 1/2-Inch Stem Diameter, 200-lb Load Capacity



200-lb Load Capacity
Threaded stem: 1/2 1-1/2 inch
Soft rubber wheel with metal top plate


Product Description

Shepherd Hardware Cushy Rubber Casters give mobility to heavy rather a lot on smooth, exhausting surfaces and finished concrete floors where quiet movement and floor protection are leading issues. The Shepherd 9023 model is a general duty caster with a four-inch wheel diameter, two hundred-lb load rating, and swivel threaded stem mount.
two hundred-lb Load Capability
Threaded stem: half of 1-half of inch
Cushy rubber wheel with metal best plate
1-1/four inch Tread face
Threaded swivel stem mount design