Shepherd Pacer Series 60mm Diameter Die-Cast Twin Nylon Wheel Swivel Caster, 5/16″ Diameter x 1/2″ Length UNC18 Threaded Stem, 100 lbs Capacity, Flat Black Finish



Flat black finish
Nylon tread wheel
Zinc die-cast body and hood


Product Description

Shepherd Pacer series is without doubt one of the markets most well liked ornamental twin wheel caster series. Constructed of a durable die-forged zinc body and hood, the Pacer series has been a very long time common selection for lots of seating and store fixture manufacturers. Ideal for seating, electronic equipment, store fixtures and administrative center equipment.
Flat black end
Nylon tread wheel
Zinc die-forged body and hood
Concealed axle
100 pounds dynamic load capacity